Deprecation of Dockershim

8 minutes to read

A couple of days ago I found a news in Hacker News with the title Kubernetes is deprecating Docker runtime support that made me think a bit about the impact of this news, both in terms to Kubernetes and for Docker, since Docker popularized the container technology, could this be the end of Docker?

Let’s talk a bit about Docker and the container eco-system evolution to understand how we got here.

asdf a runtime manager to rule them all

5 minutes to read

Currently I’m running multiple versions of multiple runtimes on my machine, eg: OpenJDK 8, 14 then ruby 2.7.0 and NodeJS versions 8 and 12.

Normally for each one of them I would use a specific runtime version manager, for example for Java I would use sdkman, for ruby a couple years ago I replaced rvm with rbenv and for NodeJS I simply went with nvm.

The main pain of using 3 runtime managers is the need to learn their different CLIs and nuances; With rvm and rbenv you can choose a version of ruby per project by placing in the root of the folder a .ruby-version file stating the version to use, nvm also allowed this using .nvmrc and so on, but now this is water under the bridge.